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Artist Spotlight: Alyx Liu

Written by SalonCentric Team

Jun 20, 2024

As a Celebrity Hairstylist and Founder of Utiles Beauty, Alyx Liu (@alyxliu) has extensive experience in many beauty specialties, including fashion, editorial, commercial, television, film and music. Due to his family's unending support and the hard work ethic learned from his Taiwanese and Mexican-American heritage, Liu was able to quit his job and pursue his passion the beauty industry. Since then, Liu has gained an eye for designing edgy and sophisticated looks by mastering statement hairstyles that incorporate extensions, wigs, hairpieces and even wire. Liu's diverse and innovative talents have allowed him to create iconic styles for high-profile clients, like Ariana Grande's signature ponytail that debuted in 2017, as well as styles for Demi Lovato, Shay Mitchell and Miranda Kerr. Using his expertise, Liu created his very own hair tools brand, Útiles Beauty, in which he designed, developed and tested each product.


SalonCentric: From when you started to now, is there a career win that stands out in your memory?

Alyx Liu: "My work for the Positions album cover for Ariana Grande. I really felt like I made an iconic hairstyle that would live beyond my lifetime 'pop iconography' some might say. So many people have recreated it and it's become a hair look people dress up as for Halloween even. I feel like that's when you know you've made something important. I'd call that a win."

SC: What values from your upbringing do you credit for helping you achieve your success today?

AL: "My dad is an immigrant from Taiwan and my mom is first generation Mexican-American so both of them had little to no generational wealth. My mom and dad both worked when we grew up and still do till this day. Growing up and seeing them work tirelessly to put my two brothers and I through college and watch me quit my job which I studied in college for and still help me taking a loan out for hair school, they really taught me an incredible work ethic. I am a hard worker, almost to a fault, but that's how I've achieved all the success I've had in such a quick amount of time. Both my Asian and Mexican cultures really pride themselves in being hard workers and prioritizing familial success and I'm thankful for it."

SC: Who in the industry would you like to send a love note to for having an impact on your career?

AL: "I don't know them personally, but Guido Palau and Sam Mcknight are both incredible runway hairstylists who've inspired me to push my own limits. I really owe them the biggest thanks for always being on my mood board. I have studied and worshipped their work since I can remember."

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Featured Artist Spotlight: Alyx Liu

As a Celebrity Hairstylist and Founder of Utiles Beauty, Alyx Liu (@alyxliu) has extensive experience in many beauty specialties, including fashion, editorial, commercial...

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